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Pyrite by MintDigital


Pyrite is a lightweight DSL around the Selenium browser testing framework.

We found Cucumber to be awesome, but no one was reading the features. We found Webrat to be fantastic, but way too complex for what we wanted. So, we made Pyrite - a few selenium-client methods wrapped up in a readable way.


Using bundler:

gem 'pyrite', :require => false
Installing as a Rails plugin should also work:
script/plugin install git://


Pyrite tests are just like regular Rails tests, but with a nice DSL:

require 'pyrite_helper'

class BasicTest < Pyrite::PyriteTest
  test "it works" do
    visit root_path
    follow "next page"
    wait_for :page_load
    assert_text "some text you should see"

Run the tests

Pyrite has rake tasks to manage setting up the required servers and run your tests:

rake pyrite:start
rake pyrite:run
rake pyrite:stop
These can be run sequentially with:
rake pyrite:all


Check the RDoc and the wiki for more information.


Copyright © 2010 Mint Digital Ltd.

Released under the terms of the MIT License. See the MIT-LICENSE file