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caplets by MintDigital

Capistrano Super Powers

Capistrano is old and busted, right? Time to move on? WRONG! Caplets makes capistrano the new hotness once again. It brings capistrano into the future with all your favorite goodies. Git-based deploys and a collection of useful modules will make your deploys speedy and painless.

Caplets is 1) a replacement deployment strategy that uses git instead of subdirectories and symlinks and 2) a series of loadable capistrano extensions to layer on addition functionality. This gives you a solid deployment foundation with maximum flexibility. Only the tasks you need get run.

Want to use unicorn? load 'caplets/unicorn' How about thinking-sphinx? load 'caplets/thinking-sphinx' Bundler? Network filesystem? YAML config files? Yes, yes, and yes.


$ gem install caplets

# in config/deploy.rb
require 'caplets'
load 'caplets/memcached'
load 'caplets/whenever'
# etc...

More Information

For more information, check out the complete README. A complete list of all modules, along with a description of each can be found in the MODULES file.

Having trouble or found a bug? Issues are open. Be sure to check out already open issues first. Attach a patch or fork away.

Copyright © 2010 Mint Digital Ltd. Released under the terms of the MIT License.